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Do you know which room in your home in generally the most important to potential buyers and can bring some of the greatest value? In almost every house, it is the room that is considered the “heart of the home,” the kitchen.

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In many of the older homes we see, the kitchen is small and separated from the major congregating area of the formal living room and dining room.  Modern homes have drastically evolved to the point that it is now becoming rare to find a formal living room and dining room. Kitchens of today are much larger and are no longer considered just for cooking. They are also the living, eating, relaxing, and social area of the home.

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The kitchen has become the living room, dining room, and cooking area of the home. Obviously, each family’s lifestyle will determine the importance of each room in their home, but it is undeniable that in the new home designs we see today, the kitchen is the focal point.

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What features and designs are most important to you in your kitchen? Are you looking for ideas to showcase or highlight the beauty of your kitchen? Drop us a note, and we’ll pass along some great staging tips and ideas for maximizing the value of the kitchen in your home!